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Ways to Get to WOW Classic Silithus from Un'Goro Crater Recommended

Time: 04/27/20

With the release of WOW Classic phase 4, a new zone Silithus is also opened in Classic. Silithus is a desert land in the southwestern Kalimdor. Preview the details to learn how to get to Silithus.     

What is WOW Classic Silithus?

Silithus is a desert land that is always attacked by the insectoid Silithids and Qiraji, the nihilistic cult of Twilight's Hammer and the elemental lords of the Abyssal Council. This desert land is located in the southwestern corner of Kalimdor, requiring level 55 at least.
Silithus will be the gateway to the great raid instance Ahn'Qiraj, and will expand its quest offerings later to contain various activities related to the opening of the Gates. Currently the main activities in Silithus will focus on building reputation with Cenarion Circle. Cenarion Circle is the neutral druidic faction in Silithus and has created Cenarion Hold in the center of Silithus as a defensive bastion against the hostile forces above.

How to get to WOW Classic Silithus?

You can arrive in WOW Classic Silithus by traveling to the northwestern corner of Un'Goro Crater, where a wide path extends out of the crater and into Silithus.
To get to Un'Goro Crater, if you have flight paths, the easiest way is to Tanaris and then to the neutral flight path in Marshall's Refuge in Un'goro (45.2, 5.9). Next, follow the north wall westward to the northwestern corner of Un'goro, and then you will see a ramp headed upward. Please take this ramp up to access to Silithus.


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The WOWClassicGP Team