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Ways to Obtain WOW Ve'nari Reputation in The Maw Recommended

Time: 12/28/20

WOW Ve'nari reputation has six levels and can be gained in The Maw. You can be able to earn the reputation with Ve'nari by completing daily and weekly quests, killing rares and so on. More details can be seen below. 

How to gain WOW Ve'nari reputation? 

There several ways to gain Ve'nari reputation, including: 
1. Acquire Maw lore items 
You can get Maw lore items from various enemies, like rares and elites. Then turning these items in to Ve'nari can gain you 100 reputation for an Uncommon Maw Lore or 150 reputation for a Rare Maw Lore. 
2. Rares 
There are totally 21 rares in The Maw. Killing each of them awards 80-100 reputation, depending on the difficulty of the rare. 
3. Special encounters 
Special encounters refers to 1 of 2 types of elite mobs marked on the minimap with a skull. You can see 19 special encounters, and can be able to receive 40 reputation when you complete one. 
4. Daily quests 
Ve'nari two daily quests can appear somewhere in The Maw every day. Completing each quest gains you 75 reputation and 140 Stygia. Below are the daily quests you can finish: 
Acquisition: Blazing Ingots  
A Shadowed Fate  
Disrupting the Flow  
Torment for the Taking  
Misery's Company  
A Monument to Vengeance  
Sundered Souls  
Acquisition: Runeforged Shackles  
Drowned and Torn Asunder
Acquisition: Crystallized Stygia  
Acquisition: Stygic Ore (The Beastwarrens)  
Rodent Removal (The Beastwarrens)  
What They Know (The Beastwarrens)
5. Weekly quests 
Ve'nari can offer two weekly quests every week. Completing each can gain you 850 reputation and 450 Stygia. 
A Suitable Demise  
Dust to Dust  
Eye of the Scryer  
The Jailer's Share  
Misery Business  
Death Motes  
Grathalax, the Extractor  
Disrupting the Cycle  
A Spark of Light  
Words of Warding (Perdition Hold)  
Power of the Colossus (Perdition Hold)  
Forces of Perdition (Perdition Hold)
6. Wrath of the Jailer event 
Jailer can focus on his wrath in a specific area in The Maw every hour. When the event begins, you can go to the area and defeat mobs to fill an objective bar. When the objective bar is completed, a powerful lieutenant of the Jailer will spawn, and you need to defeat it in a group. You can complete the event once a week. Once completed, you can get 50% of a threat bar, 250 Ve'nari reputation and 100 Stygia, as well as a chance to obtain a ilvl183 piece of gear from the lieutenant. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team