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WOW Brewfest 2020 Returned with Chowdown & More Activities Sep 20

Time: 09/21/20

WOW Brewfest holiday is coming back! During the holiday, you can sample fine foods and brew, as well as complete quests and join in other activities for mounts, toys and more. 

When & where to join in WOW Brewfest 2020? 

Brewfest holiday 2020 has been live on Sep. 20 and will last until Oct. 6. This year Brewfest takes place in Ironforge Entrance for Alliance and Orgrimmar Entrance for Horde. And you can be able to enjoy the pretzels, cheese and booze once again, and breweries can compete with each other with their special ales, meads and beers as well. What's more, you can also partake in diverse activities and complete quests to obtain Brewfest Chowdown Champion Token, mounts, toys and other holiday rewards. 

What to do during WOW Brewfest 2020? 

During WOW Brewfest 2020, you can be able to finish various activities to receive some holiday items and other rewards, including: 
1. Brewfest Chowdown
You have to compete with three players in this eating contest. While winning this game, you can be awarded with one Brewfest Chowdown Champion Token.
2. Ceremonial Keg Tapping
During Brewfest, you can join the Draenor-famous Frostwolf brewery Warband Ales for a special toast at 6 a.m. or 6 p.m. server time. And Alliance can do the same with the Thunderbrew and Barleybrew breweries. 
3. Sample fine food and brew from all over Azeroth and Draenor.
4. Complete quests, including introductory quests, Ram Racing quests and daily quests. 
Apart from them, you can also complete the timed events to prevent the shenanigans of alementals, hozen or Dark Iron who will spawn every half hour to destroy the Brewfest grounds. 

Come to join in WOW Brewfest holiday 2020 for more holiday items and rewards. Meanwhile, cheap WOW gold will be always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team