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WOW Caravan Brutosaur Mount Not Obtainable in Upcoming Shadowlands

Time: 11/22/19

Blizzard has announced that WOW Caravan Brutosaur Mount will not be purchasable from their original vendors when Shadowlands goes live. In the future it will be added to the Black Market Auction House, and a new Feat of Strength has been added to the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur in the latest PTR build.   

WOW Caravan Brutosaur going extinct in Shadowlands

According to latest Blizzard blue post, we have known that the Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount will be no longer purchasable in Shadowlands and beyond in the future. With Shadowlands going live, the shady vendors Talutu and Tricky Nick will stop selling it. But their other offerings including the Lost Platysaur pet and the Palehide Direhorn mount will still be available for purchase.
Although there will be no Brutosaur mount in upcoming Shadowlands, you can buy it in the Black Market Auction House. What's more, a new Feat of Strength achievement is also added to Brutosaur in patch 8.3. If you buy this mount, you will be able to receive it.       

Details of WOW Caravan Brutosaur mount 

Mighty Caravan Brutosaur mount is an enormous and long-necked dinosaur native to Zandalar, which is regarded as both weapons of war and enormous, mobile trading posts by Zandalari Empire. It can be purchasable with 5,000,000 gold from Talutu in Zuldazar for Horde or Tricky Nick in Tiragarde Sound for Alliance, and you can ride it with the requirement of level 110. 
You should focus that it can only be used outdoors, and while shapeshifted and in combat, it can not be used. 

In a word, WOW Caravan Brutosaur mount will not be purchasable, so before that accumulate gold now to get one. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW gold with best service at our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team