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WOW Character Creation Previews Improved in Shadowlands Alpha Build

Time: 06/04/20

From the most latest Shadowlands Alpha build, it has been revealed that WOW character creation previews have been improved with new weapons and armors. Please go ahead to learn the specific details of these improved previews.  
Improve WOW character creation previews in Shadowlands 

While a new character starts with the most basic gear in WOW, there is also a small preview given to players showing what the character could look like in the character creation screen. Now the previews are improved in the recent Shadowlands Alpha build with new weapons and armor in order to give players a more exciting look at their future character. 

Screens of improved WOW character creation previews 

To let you visit the improved character creation previews clearly, here we offer some classes' character creation screens of improved WOW character creation previews with new weapons and armor:
1. Warrior

2. Hunter

3. Mage

4. Priest

5. Rogue

6. Druid

If you want to see other classes and the screen comparisons between Live servers and the Shadowlands Alpha, please click here

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