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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Classic AQ40 Bug Tunnel Guide with Vekniss Soldier & Drone
WOW Classic AQ40 Bug Tunnel Guide with Vekniss Soldier & Drone

Time: 08/27/20

WOW Classic AQ40 Bug Tunnel is a similar room to Blackwing Lair's suppression room. It's full of Vekniss Soldier and Vekniss Drone. Here you can learn the strategies to defeat these trash mobs in AQ40. 

How to deal with trash mob's abilities in WOW Classic AQ40 Bug Tunnel? 

Bug Tunnel is also known as Suppression Room in AQ40 and packed full of Vekniss Soldier and Vekniss Drone. To fight with these trash mobs, you should learn their abilities and corresponding strategies, like: 
1. Agro Drones: ability pulling Vekniss Drones nearby to attack the raid. So fighting and controlling Vekniss Soldier should be completed with plenty of Vekniss Drones in the area. 
2. Cleave: hitting up to three targets in front of Vekniss Soldier and dealing damage in front of the Drone. Thus, tanks should be careful and tank the Vekniss Drone away from the raid. 
3. Debilitating Charge: charging a player and reducing the movement speed for 8 seconds. Don't pull Vekniss Soldier that isn't supposed to, otherwise you will be slowed. 
4. Frenzy Aura: increasing the attack speed and damage of Vekniss Soldier and nearby Vekniss Drone. Thus, the raid should burn down the Vekniss Soldiers. In the meanwhile, tanks need to control the Drones and keep them rounded up.

More strategies for WOW Classic AQ40 Bug Tunnel 

There are also two strategies for moving through the Bug Tunnel, including: 
1. Zerging the tunnel down and burning all mobs with AOE damage. But the raid must have lots of Mages, Priests and tanks that can hold threat on all the mobs. However, this strategy is dangerous since if enough Mages die, the raid will be slowed down significantly through the bug tunnel. 
2. Slower but more controlled strategy: Tanks should use AOE threat mechanics, such as Oil of Immolation, Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, and Force Reactive Disk. At the beginning, the raid just needs to focus on firing down the Vekniss Soldiers and ignoring the Vekniss Drones. But when approaching the half, the raid can AOE down the Drones, heal up the tanks and keep moving through the second half the same way. 

Hope this guide can help you a lot with WOW Classic AQ40 Bug Tunnel. Additionally, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us permanently. 

The WOWClassicGP Team