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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Classic AQ40 Trash Guide: Anubisath Sentinel Kill Order & Strategy
WOW Classic AQ40 Trash Guide: Anubisath Sentinel Kill Order & Strategy

Time: 08/21/20

Difficult to kill WOW Classic AQ40 trash? Today we will provide a guide to Anubisath Sentinel trash. Here you can learn the kill order and more strategies. 

WOW Classic Anubisath Sentinel kill order in AQ40 raid 

Anubisath Sentinel is one of the trash mobs in AQ40 raid, appearing in packs of four. Each of them has a random ability. If one Anubisath Sentinel dies, the remaining Sentinels will get its ability and heal up for 50% of their remaining health. Therefore, you need to fire one Sentinel at a time and not try to AOE them down. And here is a list of abilities sorted by easiest to the most difficult. You should kill Sentinels following this order: 
Fire and Arcane Reflect 
Shadow and Frost Reflect
Knock Away
Mortal Strike
Mana Burn
Shadow Storm

Strategies for WOW Classic Anubisath Sentinel abilities 

1. Fire and Arcane Reflect: Mages can cast Frost on Sentinel to avoid killing themselves by spamming Fire Damage. At the beginning, Mages should attack slowly to avoid dying. 
2. Shadow and Frost Reflect: Warlocks, Shadow Priests, and Mages should change their spell rotation to avoid killing themselves by spamming Shadow or Frost Damage. They need to attack slowly to avoid dying.
3. Mending: A Warrior with Mortal Strike can reduce the amount of heal from Mending. 
4. Knock Away: ability knocking players away from Sentinel and reducing their threat.  
5. Thorns: The damage from Thorns can be reduced significantly by a Melee with Nature Resist gear. 
6. Thunderclap: It can be resisted by Nature Resist gear. 
7. Mortal Strike: a dangerous ability to tanks. Healers should focus on any tank dealing with a Mortal Strike Sentinel.
8. Mana Burn: Tank should drag the Sentinel away from the raid and tank it far from any mana users. 
9. Shadow Storm: Sentinel with this ability should be tanked in the middle of the raid and the raid should pack in closely near the Sentinel to avoid the volley entirely. 

Hope this guide can help you a lot with WOW Classic Anubisath Sentinel trash. And cheap WOW Classic gold is always offered at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team