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WOW Classic Bans Coming for Severe Dungeon Layering Exploit

Time: 09/17/19

Depending on the recent feedback, Blizzard has been aware of the severe Dungeon Layering exploit that allows players to farm the last boss of any dungeon Classic without having to clear any of the earlier mobs in the instance. Therefore, the community are going to deploy WOW Classic bans to fix the issue.    

Impact of WOW Classic Dungeon Layering Exploit

Recently the Dungeon Layering bug has been hotly discussed by players and Blizzard also has become aware of this issue of exploiting layering. In fact, this bug has existed for many years but it has never been in such a situation like this time. According to the current situation and players' feedback, we have known that this exploit has affected Dungeons and Raids, which makes it possible to repeat the last boss of any WOW Classic Dungeon or the whole of a raid without having to wait or clear any of the earlier mobs in the instance. This means that players who exploited layering will be able to farm bosses like Darkmaster Gandling for Pattern: Robe of the Void or Balnazzar for Pattern: Truefaith Vestments without moving out of the boss arena. 

WOW Classic bans coming for the Exploit 

With the severe feedback online, Blizzard has announced that they have developed a fix for the issue, and they are in the process of deploying it worldwide. To provide a fair playing field for everyone, the community will identify those who abused this bug in exploitative manner on purpose and then will take appropriate punitive measures. As for those exploiters, they will receive WOW Classic bans, which means that they will not play game in the following days and all the resources obtained by utilizing this bug will be forfeit.   

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The WOWClassicGP Team