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WOW Classic Bug Trio Guide with Strategies, Kill Order & Loot

Time: 08/25/20

WOW Classic Bug Trio are the optional bosses in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj, containing Princess Yauj, Vem and Lord Kri. The different kill orders of these bosses will bring different boss loots. You can learn the strategies to kill them and the loots are also shared below.   

WOW Classic Bug Trio kill order in AQ40 

Bug Trio are Princess Yauj, Vem and Lord Kri boss in AQ40. During the fight, you can kill the three bosses in three orders, and each kill order will gain you different loots: 
Easiest: Lord Kri, Princess Yauj, Vem.
Medium: Lord Kri, Vem, Princess Yauj.
Most difficult: Princess Yauj, Vem, Lord Kri.

Strategies to defeat WOW Classic Bug Trio 

The optional Bug Trio will use their own ability to attack raid members. And the tips to avoid and reduce the damage of their abilities are listed here: 
1. Princess Yauj 
- Fear: Two tanks should stand near Princess Yauj to Berserker Rage out of the fear and taunt her immediately to get her back under control. 
- Great Heal: Any raid member with an interrupt should prevent this ability from going out, otherwise Princess Yauj will heal other bug bosses. 
- Dispel: You need to separate Princess Yauj from other bug bosses, or she will dispel the near boss, wiping off debuffs before casting a Great Heal. 
2. Vem
- Berserker Charge: It's not possible to avoid. But a Tank can drag Vem into any small alcove and keep him out of line-of-sight from the rest of the raid when the first boss dies.
- Knock Away: While tanking Vem in any small alcove, tanks should put back against the wall to negate the knock away effect. 
- Vengeance: You should kill Vem second or last, because the Vengeance ability can increase the other bug bosses' attack speed and damage output when he dies. 
- Berserk: This can be casted when Vem is the final boss. There is no way to avoid, but it's easiest to control him. 
3. Lord Kri     
- Toxic Volley: It's the most dangerous ability and healers should cleanse the position debuffs constantly. 
- Cleave: All melee damage dealers should stand behind Lord Kri while Cleave is casted. 
- Thrash: Ensure to keep your tank at a high enough health pool during the fight. 
- Summon Poison Cloud: When Lord Kri dies, all melee should move away him and approach to the next kill target instantly.     

WOW Classic Bug Trio loot depending on kill order

- Princess Yauj dies last: Mantle of Phrenic Power, Bile-Covered Gauntlets, Mantle of the Desert's Fury, Mantle of the Desert Crusade, Ukko's Ring of Darkness. 
- Lord Kri dies last: Vest of Swift Execution, Ring of the Devoured, Petrified Scarab, Wand of Qiraji Nobility. 
- Vem dies last: Gloves of Ebru, Ooze-ridden Gauntlets, Boots of the Fallen Hero, Angelista's Charm. 
And you can also obtain Cape of the Trinity, Ternary Mantle and other shared loots. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team