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WOW Classic Chromaggus Guide with Abilities & Strategies in BWL

Time: 03/17/20

WOW Classic Chromaggus is the seventh encounter in Blackwing Lair raid. Want to defeat it easily? Just read the following guide offered for all of you.   

Strategies to WOW Classic Chromaggus abilities 

Chromaggus is a chromatic beast you can encounter in Blackwing Lair raid. He can use his several abilities to attack you. Read the details below to avoid his attack.  
1. Breath attacks 
There are 5 breath attacks and Chromaggus can use two out of five that rotate per 30 seconds. For example, Black: Ignite Flesh can deal 750 Fire damage per 3 seconds and last 1 minute. This ability can attack players in line of sight of Chromaggus instantly, so everyone except the main tank should move out of line of sight, and healers should shield and pre-hot the main tank before LoSing Chromaggus.  
2. Brood Afflictions
   - Brood Affliction: Black increases Fire damage taken by 100%. It can be removed by Curse dispells. 
   - Brood Affliction: Bronze stuns for 4 seconds periodically, which can only be removed by Hourglass Sand. 
   - Brood Affliction: Blue burns 50 Mana per second, increases cast time by 50% and reduces movement speed by 30%. You can remove it by Magic dispells. 
   - Brood Affliction: Green deals 250 damage per 5 seconds and reduces Healing taken by 50%. You can remove it by Poison dispells. 
   - Brood Affliction: Red deals 50 damage per 3 seconds, which can be removed by Disease dispells. 

More tips to defeat WOW Classic Chromaggus

During the fight with Chromaggus in BWL raid, magical DPS should also focus on the emote Chromaggus flinches as it's skin shimmers during the Shimmer, because in that case Chromaggus becomes extremely weak to a certain elemental school of magic and can take more damage from that school. Thus, it's important to know what school Chromaggus is weak to. 
What's more, you should also take care for his Frenzy ability that is used every 10 to 15 seconds. Hunters should remove the Frenzy with Tranquilizing Shot immediately.

Best wishes while fighting with Chromaggus in BWL raid. If you want cheap WOW Classic gold, please choose us to place your order. 

The WOWClassicGP Team