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WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire Guide: Schedule, Festivities & Prizes

Time: 02/07/20

Darkmoon Faire will hit in WOW Classic on Feb. 10 in Mulgore. Once it begins, you will be able to get Darkmoon trinkets, frog pets, buffs and other prizes. The full schedule and activities in Faire are introduced below.  

Schedule & Prizes for WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire

From this month, Darkmoon Faire goes live in WOW Classic. The main feature at Classic Darkmoon Faire is four powerful Darkmoon trinkets, and you can also collect some frog pets, get fortune read for buffs and earn reputation. During the event, you can obtain Darkmoon Faire Tickets for prizes, and Darkmoon Cards (available to get now) for Darkmoon trinkets.
The Faire occurring in Mulgore this month is going to set up today and will run from Feb. 10 to Feb. 16, 2020.  The further schedule is offered below:
March---Set up on Mar. 6 and run from Mar 9 to 15 in Elwynn Forest.
April---Set up on Apr. 3 and run from Apr 6 to 12 in Mulgore. 
May--- Set up on May 8 and run from May 11 to 17 in Elwynn Forest.
June--- Set up on June 5 and run from June 8 to 14 in Mulgore.
July--- Set up on July 3 and run from July 6 to 12 in Elwynn Forest.
August--- Set up on Aug 7 and run from Aug 10 to 16 in Mulgore.
September--- Set up on Sep 4 and run from Sep 7 to 13 in Elwynn Forest.
October--- Set up on Oct 2 and run from Oct 5 to 11 in Mulgore.
November--- Set up on Nov 6 and run from Nov 9 to 15 in Elwynn Forest.
December--- Set up on Dec 4 and run from Dec 7 to 13 in Mulgore.

WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire Festivities 

There are two games in WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire. They are just offered for your amusement, so there is no prize after completing the two games, like:
- The Humanoid Cannonball: The Blastenheimer 5000 Ultra Cannon launches Fairegoers through the air towards a target. You should remove your breakable armor and weapons to avoid repair bills.
- Tank Battle Simulator: This game can test your tank commander skills by using your Darkmoon Tonk to destroy Tonk Targets.

Let’s expect WOW Classic Darkmoon Faire together. And cheap WOW Classic gold is always offered at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team