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WOW Classic Dire Maul Releasing with Tanking Weapon & Class Mounts

Time: 10/09/19

It has been confirmed that a new dungeon WOW Classic Dire Maul will hit on Oct. 15. In this dungeon, you will be able to get one-handed tanking weapon, Warlock Class mount and Palading Class mount requiring completing related quest lines. What's more, you will also obtain three world buffs in Dire Maul dungeon.   

Quel'Serrar: one-handed tanking weapon

Quel'Serrar is one of the best one-handed tanking weapons for its ideal stats and high Sanctuary proc uptime in WOW Classic Dire Maul dungeon. It can be obtained by Warrior and Paladin players upon completion of related short questline containing journey to Dire Maul and Onyxia's Lair.


Two Class mounts in Dire Maul: Charger & Dreadsteed 

From WOW Classic Dire Maul dungeon, you will be able to get Charger mount for Palading Class and Dreadsteed mount for Warlock Class after you complete two long quest lines related to Dire Maul including Summon Charger for Paladins and Summon Dreadsteed for Warlocks. While completing the two questlines, you have to defeat the summonable boss Lord Hel'nurath for Warlocks and Death Knight Darkreaver boss for Paladings in Dire Maul. 

Charger mount for Palading Dreadsteed mount for Warlock

Three World Buffs in Dire Maul: Mol'dar's Moxie, Fengus' Ferocity & Slip'kik's Savvy

Apart from the tanking weapon and Class mounts, there are also three world buffs lasting for 2 hours in Dire Maul. When you complete a DM Tribute Run, talk to Guard Mol'dar, Guard Fengus and Guard Slip'kik to obtain the three buffs:
- Mol'dar's Moxie: Increase Stamina by 15%   
- Fengus' Ferocity: Offer 200 Attack Power  
- Slip'kik's Savvy: Increase Spell Critical Strike by +3%

In a word, have a look at these features of WOW Classic Dire Maul. In addition, WOWClassicGP.com will be the best place to buy WOW Classic gold.

The WOWClassicGP Team