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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Classic Dire Maul Tribute Run Guide: Requirements, Tips & Rewards
WOW Classic Dire Maul Tribute Run Guide: Requirements, Tips & Rewards

Time: 10/26/19

Tribute Run WOW Classic is a hard mode in Dire Maul North, which requests to keep all guards alive except the final boss King Gordok. But don't worry. You can learn the requirements and tips to help you complete it successfully. What's more, you can also be able to get some rewards after finishing the Tribute Run.      

Requirements of WOW Classic Dire Maul Tribute Run

WOW Classic Tribute Run is a hard mode version of Dire Maul. Unlike normal Dire Maul run, it requires you not to kill any Guards but only the final boss of the wing, King Gordok at the end. To complete the Dire Maul Tribute Run, you have to grant the following items and requirements to make a frost trap:
- Thorium Widget  
- Frost Oil
- Gordok Ogre Suit: It consists of 4 Bolt of Runecloth, 8 Rugged Leather, 2 Rune Thread and 1 Ogre Tannin
- Don't kill any named orges  

How to complete Dire Maul Tribute Run in WOW Classic? 

To complete the Dire Maul Tribute Run, you just need to kill the final boss King Gordok except all Guards. Here are some tips for you to ensure Guards are alive:
1. Guard Mol'dar: You can't go down to his area. As for getting his drop Gordok Inner Door Key necessary for the final part of Dire Maul North, Rogues can pick lock the door with 275 Lockpicking as well as Engineers and Blacksmiths can open the door with Large Seaforium Charge and Truesilver Skeleton Key respectively.
2. Stomper Kreeg: Don't be close to him and you can avoid him easily when his aggro range is reduced at a large extent.
3. Guard Fengus: You can avoid him by going to the right of his area. And you should sneak to Fengus's Chest to loot the Gordok Courtyard Key without enraging him.    
4. Guard Slip'kik: You need to freeze him by using the Broken Trap near Knot Thimblejack. To fix the trap, 1 Frost Oil and 1 Thorium Widget are required to complete A Broken Trap.
5. Captain Kromcrush: One person from your group should pretend to be an Ogre bringing prisoners by using a Gordok Ogre Suit to confuse him.
6. Cho'Rush the Observer: He is not avoidable, and when your group ensures King Gordok is killed, Cho'Rush must be off-tanked. He will become friendly once King Gordok is dead, so stop attacking him.

Rewards after completing WOW Classic Tribute Run 

After the final boss is killed, Mizzle who is a friendly ogre appearing at King Gordok's location will regard your group as the new King of the Gordok and give a Gordok Tribute chest including loot. The more bosses you leave alive, the better the loot in the chest will be. In addition, you can talk to every guard you leave alive to get more powerful buffs that can last 2 hours: 
- Mol'dar's Moxie: It can increase Stamina by 15% and be obtained from Guard Mol'dar. 
- Fengus' Ferocity: It can bring 200 Attack Power and be obtainable from Guard Fengus.  
- Guard Slip'kik: Obtainable from Slip'kik's Savvy and it can increase Spell Critical Strike chance by 3%. 
What's more, a variety of drinks like Gordok Green Grog and Kreeg's Stout Beatdown as well as a limited supply of Volatile Rum can be bought from Stomper Kreeg.

Hope this guide can help you complete Dire Maul Tribute Run smoothly. Besides, cheap WOW Classic gold is always waiting for you at our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team