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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Classic Dire Maul West Guide: Boss Strategies & Various Drops
WOW Classic Dire Maul West Guide: Boss Strategies & Various Drops

Time: 10/30/19

How about your experience in WOW Classic Dire Maul dungeon? Here is a guide offered to give you a hand to defeat bosses easily in Dire Maul West wing. Moreover, various drops are also showed to you.      

How to defeat various bosses in WOW Classic Dire Maul West wing?

You can meet a total of seven bosses in Dire Maul West wing, and because two bosses have been previously introduced in the news about Dire Maul West, the strategies to defeat Dire Maul bosses only involves five, including: 
1. Tendris Warpwood
You should clear all ancients when you pull Tendris Warpwood, or they will all aggro. Be careful of his AoE melee knockdown Trample and Ranged need to stand back to avoid. And you must watch out for his Entangle ability that can be dispelled. Please DPS him down with your tank together. 
2. Magister Kalendris
He is a shadow priest-type boss. To defeat him, you can pretend you're fighting with a Shadow Priest and interrupt his spells as well as dispell any magic. Also, please use any Shadow Resist and burn him down.
3. Tzu'see
She is a rogue-type silver elite in the Court of the Highborne. She can make hard hits to you. So ensure your tank gains aggro before attacking. If possible, dispel her Blind ability from your party and burn her down.
4. Illyanna Ravenoak
She is a Hunter-type boss accompanied with a pet bear Ferra. You can stand in melee range of her to negate her abilities easily. As most groups, you can burn down Illyanna Ravenoak first and then kill her pet.
5. Lord Hel'nurath
He is a special boss only summoned by Warlocks with three summoning items such as J'eevee's Jar, Black Lodestone and Xorothian Glyphs, which can be obtained during Epic Mount Questline. Warlock must ensure three ritual items are active while your group are surviving from many waves of demons, because they can bring beneficial buffs and aid you. For about 6 minutes, the event will end and the remaining demons will not appear. During this pause, your group should heal and drink as well as use the Xorothian Glyphs to invoke a Xorothian Dreadsteed. Lord Hel'nurath will appear when the Horse is at 50%. You'd better kill him before the Dreadsteed although he doesn't have tough abilities. 

Drops from the bosses in WOW Classic Dire Maul West

Once you kill the bosses in the West wing, you will be able to obtain a series of drops. For example, you can get Flamescarred Shoulders and Magically Sealed Bracers from Magister Kalendris, as well as Force Imbued Gauntlets, Well Balanced Axe and Gauntlets of Accuracy from Illyanna Ravenoak. You can also obtain Diabolic Mantle, Dreadguard's Protector, Xorothian Firestick and Fel Hardened Bracers from Lord Hel'nurath.
You can learn more details of boss strategies and drops through WOW Classic Dire Maul West guide.

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The WOWClassicGP Team