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WOW Classic Druid Healing Guide Detailed with Shapeshifting & More

Time: 07/19/19

In WOW Classic, Druids can act as the roles of healing, tanking or DPS. And the ability of shapeshifting is the most unique aspect of the Druid class, like Bear Form, Moonkin Form and so on. 

Shapeshifting ability of Druid class

As a Druid, Shapeshifting is the most iconic aspect in PvE and PvP. And the Druids are immune to polymorph effects when in form. Besides, they are freed from movement impairing effects like slows, roots & snares when Shapeshifting in or out of forms.
Bear Form & Dire Bear Form: Allowing the Druid to take on the role of tanking with increased health and armor from items;
Cat Form: Allowing the Druid to handle Melee DPS with energy and combo points in a way like a Rogue;
Moonkin Form: Acquired deep into the Balance talent tree and offering the Druid with increased armor and everyone in the party with 3% Spell Critical Strike Chance;
Travel Form: Movement speed increased by 40%; learned at level 30 (10 levels before allowing purchasing a mount);
Aquatic Form: Only used in water; increasing swim speed by 50% while allowing underwater breathing. 

Alliance Druids & Horde Druids

As Alliance Druids, you can have the benefit of playing alongside a Paladin, buffing the Druid with powerful Blessings like Blessing of Might or Blessing of King. And useful Auras can be given by paladins, including Devotion Aura, Fire Resistance Aura, or  Concentration Aura. This is very useful when casting healing or damage spells. 
On the other hand, it’s beneficial when Horde Druids play with a Shaman, which can access Windfury Totem. Please note that when on shapeshifting forms, Windfury Totem cannot function and only has effect on melee attacks. 

What is your opinion of these guides? And more news will be shared later along with cheap safe WOW Classic gold here.

The WOWClassicGP Team