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WOW Classic Elemental Invasions Coming in December with Battlegrounds

Time: 11/21/19

It has been revealed that WOW Classic Elemental Invasions will be live with Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley battlegrounds the week of December 10. Throughout the invasion, there will be totally four invaders including Blazing, Thundering, Watery and Whirling. Here is the preview of Elemental Invasions. 

WOW Classic Elemental Invasions live the week of Dec 10 

With Battlegrounds being released in early December, Elemental Invasions will also be available the week of December 10. Elemental invasions occur occasionally every few days at different locations on Kalimdor, which are generated by elementals who are potent and volatile elemental spirits of pure elemental energies. During the invasion, if elemental leaders are alive, there will be more and more invaders. But once the leader has been killed, no new invaders will appear and the existed invaders will be killed finally. 

Types & locations of invaders in WOW Classic Elemental Invasions 

There are four kinds of invaders during Elemental Invasions, including Blazing, Thundering, Watery and Whirling. All of them reside in different locations.
Blazing invaders spawn at the Fire Plume Ridge volcano in Un'goro Crater. They have Combat level 54-56 and are in green-yellow color. If you see glowing blue-green portals, an invasion is in pipeline. Baron Charr with level 58+ Combat is their leader. 
Thundering invaders with level 55-57 Combat can spawn in northeast Azshara on the upper part of the crescent of land. It's much dangerous to fight with them since they are indistinguishable from regular rock elementals and always wander the same area as the elite giants. Their leader is Avalanchion with level 58+ Combat and 89,358 Health.
Watery invaders with level 56-58 Combat locate on Lake Kel'Theril in Winterspring. Their invasion can be found through the glowing blue holes floating above the ice. Their leader is Princess Tempestria with level 60+ level who is the intelligent invasion leaders along with Baron Charr.     
Whirling invaders with level 57-58 Combat locate in northwest Silithus and they can crackle blue-green electricity. Their invasion can be found by the greenish white shimmery portals. The Windreaver with level 60+ Combat is their leader. He will travel with his four guards throughout the Dust Stormer area of Silithus. 

Let's look forward to WOW Classic Elemental Invasions together. What's more, please buy cheap WOW Classic gold constantly at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team