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WOW Classic Enchanting Leveling Guide: Best Professions & Reagents

Time: 10/10/19

WOW Classic Enchanting profession allows applying lasting buffs to weapons and gear. From this Enchanting leveling guide, you can learn three professions that are best suitable for Enchanting as well as some reagents for Enchanting leveling.     

Best three professions matching with WOW Classic Enchanting

WOW Classic Enchanting is a primary profession that can make you use buffs to weapons and gear. In general, it's always used with Tailoring, Leatherworking or Blacksmithing together, which are the best professions pairing with Enchanting since they can produce gear that can be disenchanted. 
Tailoring is the most popular profession that matches with Enchanting, because you can obtain cloth for Tailored items without learning a gathering profession such as Skinning for Leatherworking. Leatherworking and Blacksmithing professions are also commonly paired with Enchanting. You should be careful when choosing a profession matched with Enchanting since you are allowed having only two primary professions at the same time in World of Warcraft Classic. 

Reagents for leveling WOW Classic Enchanting

Reagents will help you a lot while leveling Classic Enchanting professions, because they can cast a specific spell or use a specific ability. Here is a list of necessary reagents needed for WOW Classic Enchanting leveling:
- 228 Strange Dust 
- 11 Lesser Magic Essence 
- 18 Greater Magic Essence 
- 10 Lesser Astral Essence 
- 2 Greater Astral Essence 
- 65 Soul Dust 
- 20 Lesser Mystic Essence 
- 156 Vision Dust 
- 10 Lesser Nether Essence 
- 2 Greater Mystic Essence 
- 290 Dream Dust 
- 20 Greater Nether Essence 
- 4 Greater Eternal Essence 
- 4 Small Brilliant Shard 
- 2 Large Brilliant Shard 
- 82 Illusion Dust 

All in all, hope this Enchanting leveling guide can be useful for you. Besides, cheap WOW Classic gold and WOW Classic powerleveling for sale are waiting for being taken.

The WOWClassicGP Team