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WOW Classic German RP Realm Celebras & Free Character Moves Coming

Time: 10/24/19

Depending on your feedback, there will be a new WOW Classic RP realm Celebras in German server on Oct. 25. Once the new realm is launched, you can be able to create your characters to have a better experience in game. In the meanwhile, you can also move your characters in Everlook, Lakeshire and so on to Celebras.   

New WOW Classic Celebras realm opening on Oct 25

Owing to all of your feedback and based on the strong demand for German RP realm, Blizzard has eventually announced that the RP realm Celebras will be added to German server in WOW Classic at 01:00 CEST on Friday 25th October. As before, when the Celebras RP realm is launched, you can start to create your characters. And we also encourage you to give priority to playing on this new realm with lower population in order to evenly distribute the player population.

WOW Classic Free Character Moves to Celebras 

With the Celebras RP realm opening in WOW Classic, Free Character Moves to Celebras will also be available at the same time. From Oct 25, you can transfer your characters to the new German RP realm from Everlook, Lakeshire, Razorfen and Hydraxian Waterlords realms. You'd better move your characters as soon as the new realm is available.  

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The WOWClassicGP Team