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WOW Classic Goldmaking Guide: Best Farming Sports & Managing Gold

Time: 09/25/19

Most of you are keen to make gold by yourselves for saving more to you. However, do you know how to make gold fast and efficiently? Here we provide useful WOW Classic goldmaking guide about farming sports and managing your gold.  

Best farming spots for WOW Classic goldmaking recommended

To help you make gold more easily and quikly, we encourage you to go to the following sports, which are the more particularly lucrative open world zones:
1. Felwood
Although Felwood is in a low level, actually that is also its strengths since it makes job more easier for level 60 players, and it is really lucrative amazingly. It's worth farming for Mageweave Cloth, Runecloth, Plaguebloom, Gromsblood and Dreamfoil. And Felcloth is also used to make Mooncloth. 
2. Un'goro Crater
This land is dangerous but full of money making chances, and there are some worthwhile items in Un'goro Crater including Devilsaur Leather, Un'Goro Soil, Living Essence and Essence of Fire, Sungrass, Golden Sansam, Mountain Silversage, Thorium Ore, Arcane Crystal and other rare gems. Also, Power Crystals needed to create Lesser Arcanum enchants such as Lesser Arcanum of Voracity.
3. Eastern and Western Plaguelands
The most important farming sport is Plaguelands, which is available for raising Argent Dawn reputation and for various professions. Both eastern and western Plaguelands are a good source of herbs and ore as well as a couple unique drops. 

Learn to manage your WOW Classic gold 

Not only do you need to make gold, but you need to manage your gold at the same time, which can help you save bit by bit especially while leveling. Here are the methods to manage your gold:
1. Decrease costs of food and other consumables
As you know, the costs of food and water can be increased with your rising level. So it's important to mitigate these costs with following methods:
- Befriend Mages and have them Conjure Food/ Conjure Water.
- Loot everything such as amount of food and potions from chests, enemies, and even the occasional food or drink crate lying around enemy camps.
- Train and keep up with First Aid
- Train Cooking to make food yourselves.
2. Decrease costs of skill training
Most of players always think that they must train skills that need to train. In fact, you can delay certain skills and ranks to save your gold during some instances. For example, a Warrior will train Shield Bash skill at level 12, but it is also available at level 32. You can train this skill at this level in a stable finance situation. 

Hope this WOW Classic goldmaking guide can help you make and save gold easily and effectively. By the way, you can come to us for cheap WOW Classic powerleveling to level up fast.

The WOWClassicGP Team