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WOW Classic Honor System Bugs Will Be Fixed after Realm Restarts

Time: 11/20/19

Since the Honor System ranks for the first week has been revealed, most players reflect that there are some WOW Classic Honor System bugs. Not only is the Honor rank not updated, but there is an issue of Honor rank calculations. In this case, Blizzard announces that they plan to fix these bugs this week.    

WOW Classic Honor System bugs: Honor rank delay & calculation issue

The first week's Honor System ranks of WOW Classic PvP have been showed in game. However, according to players' feedback, some WOW Classic Honor System bugs are revealed. For one thing, the Honor rank update is delayed. Some players just see last week's Honor instead of the current rank. For another thing, there is an issue on Honor rank calculations, which is that not all Honorable Kills are used for Honor Rank calculations. For example, a player has accumulated over 100 kills in a Hillsbrad raid and over 80 in Kargath and Searing Gorge next day. But during the weekly reset the amount of his kills displayed on the Honor tab is less than his actual amount. 

Fix WOW Classic Honor System bugs after restarting realm

Shortly after the Honor System bugs appears, Blizzard has posted to announce that they are taking measures to fix the Honor rank delay issue. Blizzard states that every player's kills are counting as expected. When an additional realm restarts in each region, the Honor rank will be updated and you will see the correct rank for this week on the Honor tab. 
You can rest assured that Blizzard will restart the realm as soon as they follow the weekly Honor and Raid reset. And they also plan to restart realms at 3:00 a.m. CET on Thursday, Nov. 20 in this region. 

WOW Classic Honor System bugs will be fixed as soon, so continue to accumulate kills or Honors in phase 2. Besides, cheap WOW Classic gold is always for sale at our site. You can place your order at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team