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WOW Classic Hunter DPS Guide: Best Races & Professions Shared

Time: 10/03/19

Have you found your proper race for WOW Classic Hunter DPS class? Here we provide five races to help you choose the suitable one. Furthermore, you can also learn the best professions for Hunter DPS class in PvE.

Best PvE WOW Classic Hunter DPS races recommended

There are total five best races for WOW Classic Hunter DPS class. Two races are for Alliance Hunter and three are for Horde Hunter. Here are the details of Classic Hunters' races in PvE:
1. Best races for Alliance Hunter
On the one hand, Dwarf Hunter helps against Rogues and Stoneform can allow Dwarf to get rid of a Warrior Bleeds. This race has some racial bonuses such as increasing Frost Resistance by 10 and Guns skill by 5 and so on. 
On the other hand, another best race for Alliance is Night Elf Hunter, which doesn't have any benefits for a PvE hunter like Dwarf. However, Night Elf Hunter has some racial bonuses, for example increasing Dodge chance by 1% and Nature Resistance by 10 etc.
2. Best races for Horde Hunter
- Troll Hunter: It is the best race for Classic PvE Hunter for higher output given by Bow Specialization and Berserking. Regeneration can help heal yourself a lot in raids and Beast Slaying is mainly useful for leveling.
- Orc Hunter: As for this race, Hardiness can give 30% chance to Orc in order to Resist incoming Stuns. Command can increase the damage for your pet by 5%. It's not the best race for PvE but the best race in PvP.
3. Tauren Hunter: This race can increase Herbalism skill by 15 with Cultivation and Total Health by 5% with Endurance. 

Two professions for WOW Classic Hunter DPS: skinning & engineering

Skinning and engineering professions can help you craft gear, make gold and deal some extra damage.
First of all, skinning is the most common profession among players since Hunters do well in soloing difficult monsters with skinning materials such as Devilsaur Leather and Black Dragonscale. Next, engineering can be very helful if you try to go to the extra mile. Dense Dynamite can be used to boost in damage.

Hope this guide can help you learn WOW Classic Hunter DPS very well. What's more, cheap WOW Classic gold is always for sale at our site.

The WOWClassicGP Team