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WOW Classic Libram of Focus Guide: Items & Arcanum of Focus Reward

Time: 10/28/19

Libram of Focus is a quest with level 54-60 in WOW Classic Dire Maul dungeon. Here are some necessary items you have to own during completing this quest. Once completed, you will be able to get Arcanum of Focus and other rewards. 
Items for Libram of Focus WOW Classic quest

Libram of Focus is one of the quests in Dire Maul requiring level 54-60. Before doing this quest, you have to complete the quest Elven Legends. And during this quest, we highly encourage you to carry the following items:
- 1 Libram of Focus 
- 1 Pristine Black Diamond 
- 4 Large Brilliant Shard? 
- 2 Skin of Shadow

WOW Classic Arcanum of Focus & more rewards

When you have completed the Libram of Focus quest, you will be able to obtain 1,650 experience and 200 reputation with Shen'dralar. What's more, you will also get the reward Arcanum of Focus.
WOW Classic Arcanum of Focus is a consumable item with level 50, which consists of a Libram of Focus dropped in Dire Maul West, 1 Pristine Black Diamond, 4 Large Brilliant Shard?and 2 Skin of Shadow found in Scholomance. You should take these ingredients to Lorekeeper Lydros who resides in the Dire Maul library that can only be accessed with the Crescent Key. The easiest way to get to him is by entering Dire Maul North, which can be done without aggroing any mobs. After you get Arcanum of Focus reward, it can add +8 Spell Damage/Healing to a Head or Leg slot. 

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