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WOW Classic Mage Guide: Best in Slot Pieces & Weapons Recommended

Time: 09/30/19

Since WOW Classic has been released, Classic Mage has been the very popular class among players. And now we provide a Classic Mage guide about Best in Slot, which will help you learn what items are best suitable to equip in phase 6. You will also learn some details about Mages weapons.  

Best in Slot for WOW Classic Mages in phase 6 shared

Here are the details of BIS for Mages in phase 6, and you will know what items are highly needed:
1. Head: The best item for head is Frostfire Circlet that is the reward from Frostfire Circlet. Another enchant item is Presence of Sight, a reward from Presence of Sight.
2. Neck: The best item for neck is Gem of Trapped Innocents dropped by Kel'Thuzad.
3. Shoulders: The best item for shoulders is Rime Covered Mantle dropped by Gluth, and Power of the Scourge is an enchant item from Sapphiron.
4. Back: Cloak of the Necropolis is the best item for back obtained from Sapphiron, and Enchant Cloak-Subtlety item can be obtained from Formula: Enchant Cloak-Subtlety.
5. Chest: Frostfire Robe is the best item for chest that is a reward of Frostfire Robe, and Enchant Chest - Greater Stats item can be gotten from Formula: Enchant Chest-Greater Stats.
6. Wrists: The best item is The Soul Harvester's Bindings dropped by Gothik the Harvester, and Enchant Bracer-Greater Intellect can be obtained from Formula: Enchant Bracer-Greater Intellect.
7. Legs: Leggings of Polarity is the best one dropped by Thaddius, and Arcanum of Focus item is a reward from Libram of Focus.
8. Hands: Dark Storm Gauntlets is best suitable dropped by C'Thun, and Enchant Gloves-Fire Power item can be obtained from Formula: Enchant Gloves-Fire Power. 
9. Waist: Eyestalk Waist Cord is the best item that is dropped by C'Thun.
10. Feet: Frostfire Sandals is best for feet that is a reward from Frostfire Sandals, and Enchant Boots-Minor Speed item is created by Enchant Boots-Minor Speed.
11. Ring: Frostfire Ring and Ring of the Eternal Flame are best for ring that can be obtained from Kel'Thuzad and Naxxramas trash drop respectively. 
12. Trinkets: It has four best items including Neltharion's Tear, The Restrained Essence of Sapphiron, Mark of the Champion and Mind Quickening Gem.
13. Main Hand: The best one is Wraith Blade dropped by Maexxna and you can get Enchant Weapon-Spell Power item from Formula: Enchant Weapon-Spell Power. 
14. Off-Hand: You can equip Sapphiron's Left Eye dropped by Sapphiron.
15. Ranged: You can equip Doomfinger dropped by Kel'Thuzad.  

WOW Classic Best Mage weapons recommended

In general, Classic Mages don't rely on their weapons for dealing damage unlike other classes and they don't use their weapons to fight against their enemies directly. The weapons for Mages are more like a stat stick providing high number of stats, for example Spell Power, Stamina and Intellect. But there is a weapon worth mentioning, Wand, which can deal damage effectively without consuming any Mana and can save time while killing enemies. As a Mage, Staves, One-Handed Swords, Daggers and Wands weapon skills can be equipped. 

Please keep an eye on BIS for Classic Mages and then choose a proper one for you. Also, cheap WOW Classic powerleveling and WOW Classic gold are offered for you all the time.

The WOWClassicGP Team