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WOW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival Guide: Activities & City Locations

Time: 06/22/20

WOW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival is to celebrate the summer solstice through various activities and quests in Azeroth. Each of the six major cities has a Midsummer Fire Festival camp location where you can find quest givers and more. Please read on for more information.  

When to join in WOW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival? 

Midsummer Fire Festival is currently live and will close on July. 5. During this holiday, you can visit bonfires and complete quests to celebrate the hottest season of a year. Upon the completion, you will be able to obtain Burning Blossom, buffs (like Fire Festival Fury), food (like Fire-toasted Bun), items (like Cinder Bracers) and the companion pet Captured Flame. 

What to do during WOW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival? 

As long as you take part in Midsummer Fire Festival, you can be able to do these activities: 
1. Interact with bonfires 
To interact with a bonfire, you need to have a Burning Blossom that can be gained from quests. Throwing a Burning Blossom on bonfire can gain you a Fire Festival Fury buff that increases critical chance and spell critical chance by 3% for 1 hour. When 3 Burning Blossoms are cast on a single bonfire in a short period of time, everyone near the fire can receive Fire Festival Fury. 
2. Dance around the Ribbon Pole
If you dance with at least one other celebrant around the Ribbon Pole, you will receive Ribbon Dance buff that increases fire resistance by 30. 
3. Watch fireworks on closing night 
Fireworks will light up the skies hourly over Ogrimmar, Stormwind City, Booty Bay and Ratchet (night of July 4, 2020).
4. Complete quests
City locations of WOW Classic Midsummer Fire Festival 

A total of six Midsummer Fire Festival camps are located at six major cities, and you can find city fires, quest givers and Ribbon Pole.
1. Darnassus: /56.0, 91.0. Just outside through the portal to Rut'theran Village.
2. Ironforge: /64.6, 26.6
3. Stormwind: /38.0, 62.0
4. Thunder bluff: /19.8, 24.6
5. Orgrimmar: /47.8, 37.4
6. Undercity: /67.8, 11.2

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The WOWClassicGP Team