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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Classic Ouro Boss Guide with Strategies & Drops in AQ40 Raid
WOW Classic Ouro Boss Guide with Strategies & Drops in AQ40 Raid

Time: 09/07/20

WOW Classic Ouro is a two-phase encounter in AQ40 raid, casting several dangerous abilities. To defeat Ouro successfully, you can learn the strategies below to counter his abilities.  

How to kill WOW Classic Ouro in AQ40? 

Ouro is the third optional boss in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj raid and you will fight against him in 2 phases. He will fight the raid from above the ground and underground. The strategies to counter Ouro's abilities are listed below: 
1. Above ground abilities 
- Sweep: a cleave auto-attack will knock back anyone. Warrior and Druid tanks should Intercept back into the fight to stay on the boss instantly and keep aggro they previously had. 
- Sand Blast: dealing large damage in a wide 180- degree cone. Off-tank should prepare to take over tanking responsibilities when the main tank is hit, and a new tank need to take over after the previous tank loses all aggro. It's important to have only 1 tank hit with Sand Blast every time it spawns. 
2. Underground abilities 
- Quake: everyone should avoid this ability. Taking too much will lead to certain death. 
- Ground Rupture: dealing damage to everyone in the area where Ouro appears. The raid should spread out to have few people hit. 
- Summon Ouro Scarabs: nearby tank can AOE Taunt the Scarabs to control them, protecting healers or cloth-wearers from hitting. And nearby AOE damage dealers can kill these Scarabs. Besides, anyone can also use Goblin Sapper Charge to bring them down.
3. Phase 2 ability
- Berserk: all damage dealers need to save their damage related cooldowns to try to burn the boss down as quickly as possible.  

Drops obtained after killing WOW Classic Ouro boss 

Upon defeating Ouro in AQ40 raid, you will be able to obtain these exclusive drops: 
Burrower Bracers  
Don Rigoberto's Lost Hat  
Jom Gabbar  
Larvae of the Great Worm  
The Burrower's Shell  
Wormscale Blocker  
Ouro's Intact Hide  
Skin of the Great Sandworm

Keep your eyes peel at this guide to kill WOW Classic Ouro smoothly. One more thing, cheap WOW Classic gold is always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team