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WOW Classic Paid Character Transfers Available in Patch 1.13.3

Time: 12/18/19

Eventually the Paid Character Transfers are underway in the new version WOW Classic 1.13.3. And the character transfers in different level range will cost different amount of gold. Besides, from the paid transfers there are more details and notes you need to learn.    

Paid Character Transfers available in WOW Classic 

From Blizzard blue post we have known that Paid Character Transfers are now available in WOW Classic patch 1.13.3. You can begin to transfer your characters from PvP to other realm type including PvE and RP. 

How to start your WOW Classic Paid Character Transfers? 

Although the Blizzard Shop Page shows the paid transfers are not available, in fact you can be able to transfer your characters now with following steps: 
- Launch your WOW Classic 
- Click the Shop button on the character select screen 
- Find the Paid Character Transfer service and select a realm you want move into
- Turn to the payment screen and hit the "Continue" button 
After paying for it, your characters are moved successfully. 

Notes in Paid Character Transfers WOW Classic 

Before you transfer your characters into a new realm, you should pay attention to a few things below: 
- A ninety-day cooldown for each transfer 
- The cost for transferring characters in different level range is also different: up to 100 gold for level 1-30 character transfers; up to 500 gold for level 31-50 character transfers; and up to 2000 gold for level 51-60 character transfers. 
- You can transfer your characters from PvP to PvE and RP realms. However, characters in PvE realms can't move into PvP realms, and RP characters cannot transfer to RP-PvP realms. Otherwise, there will be the error "Error. Please address these issues: - Please select a different realm." 

If you want to transfer to a new realm, come to use WOW Classic Paid Character Transfers right now. By the way, please buy cheap WOW Classic US gold and other products at our site. We will be your top choice. 

The WOWClassicGP Team