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WOW Classic Phase 2 Coming with PvP Honor System & New World Bosses

Time: 11/07/19

Have you already completed everything in phase 1? Feel bored now? It doesn't matter. WOW Classic phase 2 is coming on Nov. 12. From this new phase, you will see the long-awaited PvP Honor System, two world bosses, an item keyring and so on. The different and unique experience is on the way in phase 2.  

WOW Classic phase 2 available on Nov 12

World of Warcraft Classic phase 2 will arrive on Nov. 12, 2019. Once the new phase goes to be live, you can start to experience new special things like highly expected PvP Honor System and two new world bosses. In addition, there is also an item keyring and some PvP rank rewards for you. So get ready for the phase 2 in WOW Classic.

Join in PvP Honor System for PvP rank rewards 

PvP Honor System is a major feature in WOW Classic phase 2. It's commonly regarded as one of the most time consuming grinds in the history of WOW, because it requires you to compete against enemy players in PvP combat and friendly players in rank brackets. But just because of this, most of you also think it can offer the most rewards. For example, this new system allows you to earn honor for PvP ranks, which can help you unlock faction themed titles and very powerful gear rewards. PvP ranks will provide titles from Private/Scout to Grand Marshal/High Warlord, battle standards, special tabards and potions as well as up to a full set of rare and epic gear. 
Due to the battlegrounds available until phase 3, the only way to obtain Honor will be via Open World PvP. 

More contents in WOW Classic phase 2: world bosses & keyring

Apart from the Dire Maul dungeon launched previously, there will be also two new bosses and keyring appearing in phase 2. For one thing, you will encounter two bosses Azuregos and Lord Kazzak in Azshara and the Blasted Lands respectively. When you defeat them, you will be able to obtain Ancient Sinew Wrapped Lamina for Hunters and The Eye of Shadow for Priests. For another thing, the keyring will unlock an extra "bag slot" containing up to 12 keys, so carrying items like Key to the City or Shadowforge Key will not take upregular inventory slots. 

What else do you expect to see in phase 2? Anyway, you can continue to buy WOW Classic gold cheap from us anytime. The price of our products will always be reasonable to you.

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