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WOW Classic Phase 6 Fixes to Patchwerk Hateful Strike & Others

Time: 11/21/20

The newest WOW Classic Phase 6 fixes have come out. Below you can learn the detailed fixes to Patchwerk Hateful Strike, Might of the Scourge and Jom Gabbar. 

WOW Classic Phase 6 fixes on Patchwerk Hateful Strike

It's reported that Patchwerk is casting his Hateful Strike ability every 1.6 seconds. However, Hateful Strike should be casted every 1.2 seconds. This means that the cast is slightly less often than was correct. And the PTR version of patchwerk is dealing significantly less dps than it should be. 
As for this issue, Blizzard announces that it should be fixed with Naxxramas launch in patch 1.13.6. They put in a fix which should make this ability behave in a way that is more consistent with the original fight. And they also re-added the Slime Bolt ability to prevent a few exploits that were used to trivialize Patchwerk in 2006. 

WOW Classic Phase 6 fixes on Might of the Scourge & Jom Gabbar 

Apart from the fix to Patchwerk's Hateful Strike, Blizzard also resolves some issues regarding Might of the Scourge and Jom Gabbar: 
1. Might of the Scourge 
Might of the Scourge is a shoulder enchant dropped from Sapphiron on PTR. But it has been reported that it does give the correct 1% crit, but the 26 AP bonus is considered as Melee Attack Power and there is no Ranged AP from enchanting shoulders with it. So far this issue has been fixed for 1.13.6 and Might of the Scourge should work with Ranged Attack Power as expected when Naxxramas is released early next month. 
2. Jom Gabbar 
Jom Gabbar trinket is now not able to be used while in shapeshifter for like dire bear or cat forms. And Blizzard has resolved it on deck, which will go out with patch 1.13.6 early next month. 

All in all, take a sneak peek on these WOW Classic Phase 6 fixes. Moreover, cheap WOW Classic gold is always for sale with 6% off

The WOWClassicGP Team