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WOW Classic Renataki Boss Guide: Ability, Strategy & Loots Shared

Time: 07/09/20

Following the Hazza'rah boss, today we provide a guide to WOW Classic Renataki boss encountered in Edge of Madness event. The strategy about how to kill him is shared below. At the same time, you can also learn his ability as well as loots from us. 

How to defeat WOW Classic Renataki in Edge of Madness? 

Renataki is a rogue boss encountered during Edge of Madness event. Throughout the fight, you need to focus on his Vanish ability that Renataki will enter in Stealth. If you are alone, Renataki will emerge and Ambush a random person, which can deal lots of damage and possibly one-shotting Cloth classes. 
To protect yourself from Ambush, you need to use any AOE ability to break Renataki's Stealth in order to prevent Ambush from happening. You can find Renataki through Hunter and Warlock pets because they can follow Renataki although Stealth. 

WOW Classic Renataki loots in Edge of Madness event

It's time to fight against WOW Classic Renataki. After defeating him during Edge of Madness event inside Zul'Gurub, he will be able to drop three loots, including:
1. Pitchfork of Madness (Attack Power (against Demons) Polearm)  
2. Renataki's Soul Conduit (Spell Power/Mp5 One-Handed Sword)  
3. Renataki's Tooth (ZG Trinket Item)

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The WOWClassicGP Team