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"WOW Classic Server Down" after Waiting for a Long Time on Aug 27?

Time: 08/27/19

The long-awaited WOW Classic eventually has been launched. But most of players encounter the issue " WOW Classic server down", which gives rise to dissatisfaction and complaint. In addition, there are also lots of players in queue for experiencing the popular and unique game. 

Issue of WOW Classic server down

When the WOW Classic has been released finally, all players are expecting to experience the long-awaited game although they have lined up for a long time. However, what is presented to them is that " WOW Classic server is down", which let players feel disappointed. According to players' feedback, we have known that some players are waiting nearly 3 hours in queue started around 19k and then just getting the message, even some players are waiting for a longer time with the same result finally. Furthermore, the low population server of Nethergarde Keep is having " world server is down" problems. One of those players figures it may be contributed to people moving between servers. 

Current situation of players in queue 

Based on the latest update of players in queue, we can see that Firemaw, Shazzrah, Lucifron realms in EU still have over 9,000 players in queue and the numbers of players in queue in Gehennas, Golemagg and Sulfuron are between 5,000 and 7,600. The rest EU realms have a lower population in queue even there is no player in some realms. Besides, in NA realms, players in queue in Faerlina, Fairbanks, Herod, Pagle, Stalagg and Whitemane as well as Arugal are also over 9,000. And there are also less amount of players even no player queuing up in other realms meanwhile. 

All in all, the WOW Classic team is fixing various problems appearing at the game as soon. You can expect the perfect experience later. By the way, please come to WOWClassicGP.com for cheap WOW Classic gold.

The WOWClassicGP Team