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WOW Classic Servers Down: Blizzard Is Investigating the Issues

Time: 12/25/19

WOW Classic servers down again. Can't log in? Don't worry. Blizzard is looking into the issue now and it will be fixed as soon. Before that, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold from WOWClassicGP to prepare in advance. 

WOW Classic servers down: issue on authentication servers 

According to your feedback, we have known that there is an issue on WOW Classic servers again. Most of you fail to log in WOW Classic or slow login, and some of you can't do anything in game, even the character screens appear black. 
Blizzard Customer Support clarifies that this may be an issue on authentication servers that can lead you to fail or slow login. And this issue is now being investigated by them. Below is a screenshot of Blizzard's clarification on Blizzard CS twitter:

Blizzard CS
So just be patient to wait until WOW Classic servers work well. 

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Please rest assured that WOW Classic servers will recover as soon. Besides, you can buy cheap WOW Classic US gold and more from us constantly.

The WOWClassicGP Team