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WOW Classic Shadow Priest DPS Specs, Talents & Professions Guide

Time: 10/06/19

WOW Classic Shadow Priest DPS has the most powerful healing spells and wonderful buffs. Today we decide to share Shadow Priest Class's specializations and talents to let you learn more about Shadow Priest DPS. 

Best specializations & talent builds for WOW Classic PvE Shadow Priest DPS 

As for Shadow Priest DPS Class, there are three main specializations recommended, including:
1. Discipline: This spec can use magic to protect allies from being injured and heal their wounds. For Discipline spec, its talent build Power Infusion builds pays more attention to boost raid performance at the cost of Priest's own healing, which will put Power Infusion talent on their highest DPS ally.
2. Holy: Along with this spec healers can reverse damage on individuals or groups, even they can heal from beyond the grave. And its Spiritual Healing builds are the very common healing specializations and can make use of Lightwell to avoid difficulties in order to free up talent points for increased flexibility. Besides, this build also can invest more points in Holy for more healing output or keep points in Discipline in order to increase mana efficiency at a large extent. 
3. Shadow: It can kill enemies using sinister Shadow magic particularly damage-over-time spells. Shadowform builds is extremely mana and threat intensive that can be severely limiting in PvE encounters. And at least one Shadow Priest exists in any raid to debuff the target with Shadow Weaving spell. 

Suitable professions for Shadow Priest DPS: Alchemy & Herbalism

Owing to the serious problem Mana, Alchemy is the most suitable and common profession in Shadow Priests class. On the one hand, Alchemy can be used to craft powerful Flasks like Flask of Distilled Wisdom and Flask of Supreme Power; on the other hand, Alchemy can let Priest create their own Mageblood Potion with giving them 12 MP5 for an entire Hour. In addition, Alchemy can be used to make gold and make it eligible to let Priest farm their Potions. If you pair Alchemy with Herbalism that is a second profession for Shadow Priest DPS class, making gold and farm Potions will be highly enhanced.                 

In a word, please keep an eye on this simple guide to learn more about WOW Classic Shadow Priest DPS. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW Classic gold from us constantly.

The WOWClassicGP Team