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WOW Classic Somnus & Attack Macro Bugs Have Been Fixed on Jan 7

Time: 01/08/20

Today Blizzard has posted several hotfixes of WOW Classic Somnus and attack macro. The bugs with them have been fixed on Jan. 7. What's more, Blizzard also has announced that the DPS decrease by Juju Flurry is not a bug.  

Bugs of WOW Classic Somnus & attack macro fixed 

According to the newest Blizzard blue post, we can learn Blizzard has made hotfixes on Somnus evading and attack macro on Jan. 7, 2020. Before the hotfixes, Somnus evaded permanently after being leashed across zone boundaries. Moreover, there is an issue that /stopattack or /startattack macros can pause the swing timer rather than reset when used with abilities such as a Warrior's Slam. After the hotfixes made by Blizzard, the issues have been resolved. Somnus will not become stuck evading any more when he is kited a great distance. And the bug about attack macros is also fixed. 

Juju Flurry DPS down is not a bug in WOW Classic 

Juju Flurry can increase the target's attack speed by 3% for 20 seconds. However, according to the official forums, some of you think there is a bug on Juju Flurry that it can increase the attack speed but also decrease the DPS by the same amount. 
However, Blizzard has announced that that is not a bug in WOW Classic. Juju Flurry buff is currently matching the behavior showed in the 1.12 reference client. In fact, Blizzard has filed a bug for this behavior when the original game is current and the issue is actually fixed until the Burning Crusade pre-patch. Since this bug was present throughout Original WOW, Blizzard doesn't regard it as a bug. Instead, that is merely an aspect of the original game that is carried over into Classic. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team