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WOW Classic Twin Emperors Tactics: Strategies & Drops Introduced

Time: 08/24/20

WOW Classic Twin Emperors are the fifth bosses in AQ40, referring to Emperor Vek'lor and Emperor Vek'nilash. Please read below for the tips to defeat them. 

Tips for WOW Classic Twin Emperors in AQ40 

Twin Emperors refer to Emperor Vek'lor and Emperor Vek'nilash that appear in Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. It's important to have two Warlock tanks while fighting with Twin Emperors because Emperor Vek'lor is immune to physical damage. And here are tips used to deal with their abilities:  
1. Emperor Vek'lor 
- Shadow Bolt: Warlock tanks can have a bunch of Shadow Resistance to reduce the damage of Shadow Bolt. 
- Arcane Burst: Warrior should move out of the position of this AOE knockback and Warlock needs to take over tanking duties on that side of the room.
- Blizzard: Ranged damage dealers under the Blizzard need to move out immediately and quickly to reduce the damage taken. And melee damage dealers can't run under Blizzard whenever they have to run across the room.
- Explode Bug: focusing on them and move out of the range of this AOE when they grow in size for 3 seconds before exploding. 
2. Emperor Vek'nilash
- Unbalancing Strike: It's very dangerous for a Warrior tank. Healers should prepare for healing the Warrior.
- Uppercut: After a knockback, melee should move back into position to avoid Blizzard or exploding bugs. 
- Mutate Bug: Ranged damage dealers should immediately swap off of the boss and burn down any Mutated Bugs in the raid before swapping back to their Emperor target. 
3. Shared abilities
- Heal Brother: Ensure to keep the two Emperors separated. If a Warrior tank dies, another Warrior should step up and become the tank for that side of the room immediately.
- Twin Teleport: Melee should go away from Vek'nilash and move across the room about 5 seconds before Twin Teleport goes out. And tanks should swap tanking duty depending on what boss appears on that side of the room. 
- Berserk: Anyone can't die during the encounter to prevent the enrage from happening.   

Drops from WOW Classic Twin Emperors 

After defeating Twin Emperors, you will be able to get these drops: 
Amulet of Vek'nilash  
Boots of Epiphany  
Belt of the Fallen Emperor  
Bracelets of Royal Redemption  
Gloves of the Hidden Temple  
Qiraji Execution Bracers  
Grasp of the Fallen Emperor  
Ring of Emperor Vek'lor  
Royal Qiraji Belt  
Royal Scepter of Vek'lor  
Kalimdor's Revenge  
Vek'lor's Gloves of Devastation  
Vek'lor's Diadem  
Vek'nilash's Circlet

Hope this guide is useful to defeat WOW Classic Twin Emperors. Besides, cheap WOW Classic gold is always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team