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WOW Classic Warsong Gulch Guide: Tips to Capture & Defend Flags

Time: 12/13/19

Here we provide a simple guide about how to capture enemy flags and defend your base's flags in WOW Classic Warsong Gulch battleground. Come to us and take a look to learn more details.   

How to capture flags in WOW Classic Warsong Gulch? 

To capture enemy player's flag, you must form a flag running team with 2-3 members. One devotes to running the flag, second can heal the flag runner and/or the last one can defend the runner. 
Flag runner needs to click the enemy's flag to pick it up and then return it to his/her own base. If the runner is killed while bringing the flag to their own base, another member can pick up the flag again and continue running to their base to return the flag. To prevent the flag from retrieving by enemy player, flag runners must be speedy and can defense themselves. 
Here are some classes that are suitable for flag runners, such as Feral Druids, protection Warrior or Paladin, frost Mage and Shaman. Please note that flag runners can become invulnerable to damage by using spells or abilities, and they will drop flags while attempting to mount. 

How to defend flags in WOW Classic Warsong Gulch?

To stop enemy players entering the base through either level in the flag room and then capturing flags, defenders need to defend their base and midfield.
There must be 2-3 defenders in base's flag room. At least one person can take high burst damage and at least one person can interrupt/crowd control. The multiple levels and the small room next to the flag room can be used to help them. On the one hand, defenders need to incapacitate or separate the healer first in order to seize enemy flag runners easier. On the other hand, defenders need to know how to get up and down the levels of the base quickly. Get down by jumping down from the balcony area; but getting up the stairs requires you to be flexible.   
Meanwhile, defending midfield is also important. Midfield defenders should make lines of escape open to let team runners return smoothly. At the same, they should prevent enemy flag runners from returning to their own base. 
Besides, managing the graveyard spawn timer can lead you to be back to life within seconds. 

Hope this guide can help you a lot while fighting in WOW Classic Warsong Gulch. Besides, cheap WOW Classic gold for sale at our site is always waiting for you. 

The WOWClassicGP Team