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WOW Classic Ysondre World Boss Guide with Abilities & Loots Shared

Time: 05/12/20

Here comes a guide about the fourth Dragon of Nightmare, Ysondre. We plan to share its two major abilities and exclusive loots you can obtain after defeating Ysondre world boss.  

Abilities of WOW Classic Ysondre world boss 

Before fighting with Ysondre, you need to be familiar with its two main abilities, such as:
1. Lightning Wave: It's a chain lightning effect in fact, bouncing to nearby targets and with each successive hit. Players will take more damage, so focus on this ability and avoid it.
2. Summon Shade of Taerar: This ability will be used when Ysondre is at 75%, 50% & 25% Health. Ysondre can summon Demented Druid Spirits for every member in the raid. Demented Druid Spirits have 2500 health and the abilities of them are below:
  - Curse of Thorns: It can curse an enemy for 3 minutes, giving it 50% chance to take 38 to 82 damage on attack.  
  - Moonfire: It can burn the enemy for 195 to 228 Arcane damage, and then an additional 384 Arcane damage lasts over 12 seconds.  
  - Silence: An ability can prevent the target from casting spells for 5 seconds.

Loots of WOW Classic Ysondre world boss

Upon defeating Ysondre, you will be able to get hold of the shared loot among the four dragons. What's more, there will be also some unique drops for Ysondre, like:
Emerald Dragonfang  
Jade Inlaid Vestments  
Leggings of the Demented Mind  
Strangely Glyphed Legplates  
Acid Inscribed Pauldrons  
Hibernation Crystal

With an eye toward the abilities and loots of WOW Classic Ysondre boss. If you want cheap WOW Classic gold, please come to us to put your order.

The WOWClassicGP Team