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WOW De Other Side: New Shadowlands Alpha Dungeon Open for Testing

Time: 06/19/20

WOW De Other Side, new Shadowlands Alpha dungeon, now is available for testing. This new dungeon is the home of the Night Fae Covenant and contains four bosses. Continue reading for more information. 

WOW De Other Side dungeon tested in Shadowlands Alpha 

De Other Side dungeon is located in Ardenweald and ruled by Night Fae Covenant. Now it is open for testing in Shadowlands Alpha. Players at level 50 can access to it on Normal difficulty and players at level 60 can access it on Heroic, Mythic and Mythic+ difficulties.

Bosses encountered in WOW De Other Side dungeon 

During De Other Side dungeon, you can be able to encounter totally four bosses, including:
1. Hakkar the Soulflayer: He can use Blood Barrier ability to protect himself from attacks and then lash out with a devastating Blood Barrage. And Hakkar's Atal'ai priests will become Sons of Hakkar throughout the encounter.
2. The Manastorms: Millificent Manastorm will take turns to assail players with Millhouse inside the secret workshop. One of them will appear on the workshop floor and another will be able to assist from above. 
3. Dealer Xy'exa: She is a cunning aquisitionist with an array of magical contrivances collected over the millennia. And Dealer Xy'exa depends on spatial manipulation to stay one step ahead of the innumerable enemies she's made in her dealings.
4. Mueh'zala: While Mueh'zala casts Shatter Reality, Bwonsamdi will spawn via the Mojo gathered by players. Then he will shatter himself into multiple pieces, offering a chance for players to release Bwonsamdi's shackles after defeating Mueh'zala's Shattered Visages. 

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