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WOW Great Vault Duplicate Items Confirmed to Be Unintended Sep 16

Time: 09/16/20

It has been confirmed that WOW Great Vault provides duplicate items in Shadowlands. But according to Ion Hazzikostas, he announces that this is unintended.  

Ion Hazzikostas response to WOW Great Vault duplicate items 

According to the tweet from Wowhead on Sep. 16, we have known that the weekly Great Vault in Shadowlands Beta offers duplicate items for the Twitch streamer Tettles. Tettles has announced that he was awarded with the same pair of pants after completing the first two Mythic+ objectives. Later, the Game Director Ion Hazzikostas replied to that tweet announcing the duplicate items are not intended and they are investigating this bug. The more announcement from the Game Director can be seen from the following picture. And please be patient to the later official announcement. 

Great Vault Duplicate Items

WOW Great Vault objectives needed to complete 

Before the bug is resolved, you can first visit these Weekly Great Vault objectives to prepare for ahead of time, which can increase your reward options: 
1. Raids
  - Defeat 3 raid bosses
  - Defeat 7 raid bosses
  - Defeat 10 raid bosses 
2. Mythic+ dungeons
  - Complete 1 mythic dungeon 
  - Complete 4 mythic dungeons 
  - Complete 10 mythic dungeons 
3. PvP 
  - Earn 125 conquest points
  - Earn 350 conquest points
  - Earn 875 conquest points 

Look forward to the solution of WOW Great Vault duplicate items. In the meanwhile, you can place your orders from us all the time. Cheap WOW gold and other related products are always for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team