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WOW Great Vault Reward: Legendary Power & Alternative Rewards

Time: 12/23/20

WOW Great Vault reward can be obtained after completing an objective, and you can choose a reward after the next weekly reset. From Great Vault chest, you can be able to gain legendary powers, items and alternative currency rewards.   

Get legendary powers from WOW Great Vault 

You can be able to get legendary powers from Great Vault, and all of them are class-specific. Here you can see the specific legendary powers for all classes:  
1. Death Knight: Phearomones 
2. Demon Hunter: Fel Bombardment 
3. Druid: Draught of Deep Focus 
4. Hunter: Craven Strategem 
5. Mage: Triune Ward 
6. Monk: Escape from Reality 
7. Paladin: The Mad Paragon 
8. Priest: Measured Contemplation 
9. Rogue: Tiny Toxic Blade 
10. Shaman: Deeply Rooted Elements 
11. Warlock: Claw of Endereth 
12. Warrior: Misshapen Mirror

Get currency rewards from WOW Great Vault 

If you don't like the rewards offered from your Great Vault, there will be an option for you to take an important currency. The currency rewards may include: 
1. 2 Brimming Anima Orb: Each orb contains 250 Anima.  
2. 3 Mysteriously Thrumming Orb: Each orb contains 250 Stygia. 

If you don't know Great Vault objectives, click here to learn the details. But please note that the objectives in PvP now are to earn 1250, 2500 and 6250 Honor Points from Rated PvP respectively. 

WOW Great Vault reward is waiting for you. Ready to claim it each week. Moreover, you can also buy cheap WOW gold from us all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team