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WOW Horrific Visions Guide: Instanced Versions, Objectives & More

Time: 01/22/20

With WOW Horrific Visions available in patch 8.3, we want to provide further details to help you know it well. From us you can learn the two instanced versions, objectives and Faceless Masks in the visions.  

Horrific Visions instanced versions: Stormwind & Orgrimmar

Horrific Visions are 1-5 player content in patch 8.3 Visions of N'Zoth. They have two instanced versions, Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Every week you can interact with the gateway in the Chamber of Heart to access to a version. Both of the two versions are full with dangerous creatures that can drain your sanity, and you have to complete 5 objectives in each version. 

Objectives of WOW Horrific Visions 

You need to complete totally 5 objectives per vision in Horrific Visions, which can be divided into one main objective and four bonus objectives: 
- Main objective: It's located in Tainted Areas. You can see it in the objective/scenario tracker, or it appears as a SKULL on the map and minimap. Completing it can end the Horrific Vision immediately and give you Tier 1 cloak upgrades as well as any rewards tied to Thrall's or Alleria's Corrupted Chest. 
- Bonus objectives: 2 of them are medium tier difficulty in the "Corrupted Area" of the Vision, and another two objectives are hard tier difficulty in the "Lost Area" of the Vision. 

Five Faceless Masks in WOW Horrific Visions 

Faceless Masks are an end-game system to Horrific Visions, which can be obtained through exploring. They will make your run more challenging and more rewarding, and can be activated and deactivated in the starting area of the vision before starting it. If the Shrines glow red, you have collected masks successfully in the party. There are 5 Faceless Masks in Horrific Visions: 
- Faceless Mask of the Long Night
- Faceless Mask of the Burned Bridge
- Faceless Mask of the Daredevil
- Faceless Mask of the Pained
- Faceless Mask of the Dark Imagination

Best wishes in WOW Horrific Visions! Further, you can always buy cheap WOW gold and related goods from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team