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WOW Inescapable Consequences Effect Added for 200 Total Corruption

Time: 07/17/20

Alongside this week's reset, it has been confirmed that there is a new corruption effect named WOW Inescapable Consequences added for 200 or more total corruption. While having this effect, you will be killed quickly. Hurry to learn more about the new negative effect. 

What is WOW Inescapable Consequences? 

In order to punish those who wear 200 or more total corruption, Blizzard has added a new negative corruption effect Inescapable Consequences to kill you quickly while in combat. The new corruption debuff will deal 25% of your maximum health in damage per second when you are in combat. 
When you have this negative effect, there will be a permanent purple hue to your screen but your character corruption will not have a new color. If you enter combat, you will take damage with the effect immediately. This damage can be mitigated by versatility, but it can't be immuned. 

Inescapable Consequences

WOW corruptions current for sale from MOTHER 

Between Jul. 17 to Jul. 21, you can be able to buy the certain WOW corruptions from MOTHER vendor, such as:
- Void Ritual I 
- Masterful I
- Siphoner II
- Deadly Momentum II
- Ineffable Truth II
- Versatile III
- Avoidant II
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What's your feel about WOW Inescapable Consequences corruption effect? Anyway, don't forget to buy corruptions from MOTHER, and remember to buy cheap WOW gold from us anytime. 

The WOWClassicGP Team