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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Kelpstone Battle Pet Guide: Strategies & Rewards Recommended
WOW Kelpstone Battle Pet Guide: Strategies & Rewards Recommended

Time: 03/24/20

Are you still confused with defeating WOW Kelpstone battle pet in Nazjatar? It doesn't matter. From below you can learn many pets and their abilities that can be used to fight with Kelpstone. 

Strategies to defeat WOW Kelpstone battle pet 

Kelpstone is one of the battle pets located in /way 47.17. 27.01 in Nazjatar. In order to defeat it, you can choose the suitable pet with corresponding abilities from below to make it work well for you.
1. Any non-Magic pet: whirlpool ability 
2. Zandalari Kneebiter pet: Hunting Party and Bloodfang abilities 
3. Unborn Val'kyr pet: Curse of Doom, Unholy Ascension and Shadow Slash abilities 
4. Ikky pet: Savage Talon, Black Claw and Flock abilities 
5. Twilight Clutch-Sister pet: Tail Sweep and Twilight Meteorite abilities 
6. Abyssal Eel pet: Squeeze and Pump twice abilities 
7. Molten Corgi pet: Flamethrower twice and Puppies of the Flame 
8. Snowfeather Hatchling: Crouch, Falcosaur Swarm! for 2 turns, Predatory Strike and Falcosaur Swarm!  
9. Bloodgazer Hatchling: Predatory Strike to finish it down 
10. Black-Footed Fox Kit: Dazzling Dance ability 
11. Scuttle pet: Surge ability 

Rewards after defeating WOW Kelpstone battle pet

Defeating Kelpstone battle pet requires you to reach level 120. When you defeat it successfully, you can be able to get hold of the following two types of reputation: 
- 75 reputation with Waveblade Ankoan 
- 75 reputation with The Unshackled 

Come to defeat WOW Kelpstone with the suitable pet shared above. By the way, you can also buy WOW gold and other products at best price from us at any time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team