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WOW Legendary Cloak Upgrade Guide with Coalescing Visions Shared

Time: 01/26/20

If you want to upgrade WOW Legendary Cloak after obtaining it, please take a sneak peek at us. Here we share the two steps to upgrade the Cloak. Just go ahead to learn more details below.  

Upgrade WOW Legendary Cloak by getting Coalescing Visions first 

To upgrade Legendary Cloak, the first thing you should do is to collect enough Coalescing Visions. You can get it via following methods:
- 10,000 Coalescing Visions from N'zoth assault (reset weekly)
- 5,500 Coalescing Visions from Non-N'zoth assault (reset biweekly)
- 2,000 Coalescing Visions from first Mini-Vision quest of the weekly 
- 1,000 Coalescing Visions from daily Mini-Vision quest
If you do daily Mini-Vision, 1 N'zoth assault and 2 Non-N'zoth assaults a week, you will get 3 Vessel of Horrific Visions, which can be used by Wrathion to enter a Horrific Vision.

Complete objectives in Horrific Visions to upgrade Legendary Cloak

Then use 3 Vessel of Horrific Visions to complete Horrific Vision zones including Tainted, Corrupted and Lost areas. You need to complete the quests given by Wrathion that require you to turn in a book or a set of pages. 
The rank 1-5 upgrade is required to complete in Tainted areas. You need to go to the main building and defeat the boss. And turning in The Curse of Stone book followed by Torn Page of "The Curse of Stone"s will give you a Corrupting Core that can allow you to upgrade your Cloak to the next rank. If you fail, the Cloak upgrade will not be received. 
As for rank 6-11, you need to upgrade in Corrupted or Lost areas via Horrific Core earned by turning in Fear and Flesh book followed by sets of 2 Torn Page of "Fear and Flesh"s. 
To upgrade rank 12-15, you need to turn in The Final Truth book followed by some amounts of Torn Page of "The Final Truth"s to earn Voidborn Core in Lost areas. 

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The WOWClassicGP Team