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WOW Mortanis World Boss Live in Shadowlands Maldraxxus This Week

Time: 01/07/21

WOW Mortanis World Boss is one of Shadowlands World Bosses. It locates in Maldraxxus zone and is available to be defeated this week. Once defeated, you can be able to loot loads of drops. 

WOW Mortanis: a Shadowlands Maldraxxus World Boss 

As a Shadowlands World Boss, Mortanis can be found within the House of the Chosen in Maldraxxus, with the closest flight path being The Spearhead. Mortanis World Boss has been working on transforming himself into a more powerful form. And now he is only a few moments from succeeding. This week, you can start to defeat Shadowlands Mortanis Boss for legendary memories and other drops.


Drops of WOW Mortanis World Boss 

When you defeat Mortanis boss, he will drop legendary memories, armors, and Conduits. For example: 
1. Legendary memories
- Memory of Keefer (Windwalker Monk)  
- Memory of a Guile Charm (Outlaw Rogue)  
- Memory of Fujieda (Fury Warrior)
2. Armor
- Spine Crawler Waistcord: cloth waist  
- Bone-Cleated Footpads: leather boots  
- Bone Crushing Vicegrips: mail gloves  
- Mortanis's Ribcage: mail chest  
- Shoulderblade Vambraces: plate wrist  
- Band of the Risen Bonelord: ring
3. Conduits
ilvl200 (or Rank 5) versions of the Covenant Ability Conduits 

Look forward to the adventure of killing WOW Mortanis World Boss. By the way, cheap WOW gold is always offered with fast delivery at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team