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WOW Renown Cap 38 Available with Weapon Transmog & More This Week

Time: 03/03/21

WOW Renown Cap 38 is currently available in Shadowlands this week. If you are at the new cap, you can be able to get new unlocks. If not, you can try to catch up Renown according to the guide below. 

Reach WOW Renown Cap 38 for new unlocks 

During the week of Mar. 2, the Renown Cap changes to 38. Players with Renown 38 can start the week at Renown 36 and can obtain 1 Renown by completing Replenish the Reservoir and Return Lost Souls quests. 
If you are at Renown 38, you can be able to unlock a new adventurer:
- Kyrian: Disciple Kosmas 
- Necrolord: Rathan 
- Night Fae: Groonoomcrooek 
- Venthyr: Bogdan 
Besides, you can also be able to unlock weapon transmog at Renown 37. 

How to catch up WOW Renown Cap 38? 

If you are behind WOW Renown Cap 38 this week, you can start to catch up Renown 38 through these ways: 
1. Complete some Covenant Callings. Please note that the catch-up Renown from this way is not guaranteed. 
2. Kill the weekly World Boss. You can only gain catch-up Renown in this way once every week. 
3. Complete these dungeon tasks, like:
  - Queue for and complete a random dungeon or LFR. 
  - Complete Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons. 
  - Complete the Oribos quests to run dungeons offering reputation. 
4. Win a PvP objective, like a battleground. 
5. Complete quests from Highlord Bolvar Fordragon for Torghast, which can award Soul Ash. 
6. Defeat raid bosses in Castle Nathria. The Renown is not guaranteed either. 

If you haven't reached WOW Renown Cap 38, just take the guide above to gain more Renown. What's more, you can always purchase cheap WOW gold and other related products from us. 

The WOWClassicGP Team