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WOW Shadowlands Adventure Table Guide: Mounts & Venture Plan Addon

Time: 12/24/20

When you reach higher level WOW Shadowlands Adventure Table missions, you can be able to obtain four mounts. What's more, we also introduce a useful Venture Plan addon to help you improve Adventure Table. 

Get mounts from WOW Shadowlands Adventure Table missions 

There are four mounts contained in high level Adventure Table missions, including: 
1. Chittering Animite (flying mount)
2. Darkwarren Hardshell (ground mount)
3. Highwind Darkmane (flying mount)
4. Warstitched Darkhound (ground mount)
To obtain these mounts, you need to complete 16 Campaign missions first. After that, you can start getting the mount missions and completing them to claim mounts. The amount of Campaign missions you have completed can be seen by using "/script print(C_CurrencyInfo.GetCurrencyInfo(1889).quantity) ".  
However, please note that you may not complete the missions although you reach these missions. Because the missions offered for you can also be high in levels when you get through higher levels of the campaign. 

Use Venture Plan addon to improve WOW Adventure Table 

Venture Plan is an addon that can be used to improve Adventure Table. You can download this addon by clicking this link: https://www.townlong-yak.com/addons/venture-plan. And the effects of Venture Plan can be seen below: 
1. The main Adventure Table interface is improved with more details on missions, like time remaining and experience values for missions with rewards other than experience.  
2. It shows more detailed information on Follower attacks and what rows they can attack. 
3. It shows how many Campaign missions you have completed, a currency normally hidden from player view. 
4. It introduces the Cursed Adventurer's Guide that will predict the outcome of missions. 

Come to get mounts from WOW Shadowlands Adventure Table missions. By the way, cheap WOW gold is also for sale at our site. 

The WOWClassicGP Team