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WOW Shadowlands: Next Big Expansion 9.0 - Marketing Leak?

Time: 07/26/19

In the past hours, all WOW fans are drawn by a map, which is said to be next big expansion: WOW Shadowlands. And it will bring a new class World of Warcraft Tinkerer DPS into game. Is this some kind of marketing leak or false news?

WOW Shadowlands leak

As a matter of fact, the whole story has begun with a map, leaked on 4chan anonymously. According to this map, many persons guess the next big update in World of Warcraft will be Shawdowlands. And some of them guess this is a marketing leak in order to draw attention of theirs. On the other hand, some speculate this is leaked by a certain employee and this photo has been taken on an internal meeting. Anyway, they all believe this is a real leak. 

Speculations for Highlights of the new update

There should be two new continents named Dragon Isles and Shawdowlands. Meanwhile, you may be able to enjoy a new class Tinkerer DPS with turrets, bombs and 'ghost buster' gimmicks, and there will be class-specific challenge sets. The spirits of fallen heroes will be reunited, including Uther, Cairne, Vol'jin, Varian, Saurfang, Rhonin, and so on. 
In addition, the Darkfront should be the starting point for Shadowlands, including 3 minor factions, Night elves, death knights & Helya/Sylvanas. All the blood trolls killed in Nazmir can be found in Morbara, while Xiros is regarded as a semi-peaceful zone where spirits go to rest according to lore. It’s likely to see 9 dungeons in total at launch, 5 in Shadowlands and 4 on Dragon Isles. 

What do you think of these speculations? And we will update news whenever we can. When in need of safe cheap WOW gold, please come to us immediately. 

The WOWClassicGP Team