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WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch Items: Accursed Keepsake & 34-Slot Bag

Time: 09/02/20

It has been confirmed that Accursed Keepsake and Papa's Mint Condition Bag are the two interesting WOW Shadowlands Pre-Patch items. Both of them can be obtained from certain Icecrown rares in Shadowlands Pre-Patch event. And more details can be learned below. 

WOW Accursed Keepsake: HD Haunted Memento in Shadowlands Pre-Patch 

Accursed Keepsake is added as one of the interesting Shadowlands Pre-Patch items. It is an HD version of the old Scourge Invasion item Haunted Memento. Accursed Keepsake item has a small chance to drop from any rare boss in Icecrown in Shadowlands Pre-Patch event. And it can spawn a Torghast Deadsoul ghost to follow you around for 20 seconds every 10 minutes, making a buff called "Accursed" on you. 

WOW Papa's Mint Condition Bag: a 34-slot bag in Shadowlands Pre-Patch 

Another Shadowlands Pre-Patch fun item is Papa's Mint Condition Bag, which is a 34-slot bag added. You can have a chance to get hold of this item from Bronjahm rare boss that can be found in Icecrown in Pre-Patch. Papa's Mint Condition Bag is the updated version of Papa's New Bag, and its name is a reference to the song by Godfather of Soul James Brown, Papa's Got a Brand New Bag. 

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