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Home > WOWClassicGP News > WOW Sire Denathrius Heroic Guide with Strategies in Castle Nathria
WOW Sire Denathrius Heroic Guide with Strategies in Castle Nathria

Time: 03/04/21

To help you kill Sire Denathrius on heroic difficulty in Castle Nathria, here we share WOW Sire Denathrius heroic guide with all of you, showing various strategies to counter the abilities of Sire Denathrius. 

WOW Sire Denathrius heroic strategies for Night Hunter ability 

When you defeat Sire Denathrius on heroic difficulty in Castle Nathria, you need to watch out for the Night Hunter ability that replaces with Feeding Time ability. If you are marked by the ability, you will be surrounded by an image and indicated by a beam. Then you will take moderate damage while being along the path when the debuff times out. If Sire Denathrius reaches you, you will take high physical damage. Therefore, you can follow the tips below to reduce the damage when you are marked: 
1. Have several players in your beam. 
2. Avoid being hit by two beams at the same time when soaking. 
3. Position yourselves to prevent beams from overlapping with another. 
4. Use physical damage immunity to face the damage of the ability. 

More strategies for WOW heroic Sire Denathrius 

Apart from Night Hunter, you will also need the following tips to counter other Sire Denathrius's abilities on heroic difficulty: 
1. The stack of Burden of Sin is increased to 5. You need to take turns at soaking Cleansing Pain in order to reduce the stack to 2 prior to the intermission. 
2. If you are hit by Impale or Massacre, you will be able to take the shadow damage from Rancor. In this case, you should move into low traffic areas to reduce the chance of running into the Rancor patch. 
3. Avoid killing Crimson Cabalist when Hand of Destruction is being to cast, which may avoid being into Crescendo zone. Besides, you also need to avoid killing Crimson Cabalist adds during a Massacre.  
4. When you are hit by Fatal Finesse, you need to be within a rational distance of the raid in order to be assisted in soaking the Smoldering Ire. 

Come to defeat WOW Sire Denathrius on heroic difficult with the guide above. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW gold at our site all the time. 

The WOWClassicGP Team