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WOW Sludgefist Guide with Quick Tips & Loots in Castle Nathria

Time: 01/25/21

WOW Sludgefist is a boss encountered in Castle Nathria Upper Spire wing. The loots dropped from it include legendary recipes, Conduits and others. You can learn the quick tips below to kill Sludgefist quickly for various drops. 

How to defeat WOW Sludgefist in Castle Nathria? 

Sludgefist can be defeated in one phase. And fighting with it in Castle Nathria raid requires on the fly coordination. There are some quick tips offered for you to kill it smoothly: 
1. When attacked by Chain Link ability, you should always keep within 12 yards of your raid member. 
2. If Sludgefist casts Giant Fists, both tanks need to stand on each other all the time in order to share the damage. 
3. If you are marked by Hateful Gaze, you need to stay behind a pillar to let Sludgefist run into it. Others can't stand in his path. 
4. You should keep 20+ yards away from Sludgefist when he casts Destructive Stomp. 
5. Ranged players need to stand far away from Sludgefist to bait Falling Rubble into low traffic areas.
6. Healers should always prepare for with healing cooldowns due to the Colossal Roar ability. 
7. Sludgefist will be at low health when using Gruesome Rage ability. You can defeat him fast. 

WOW Sludgefist loots: legendary recipes, Conduits & more 

After defeating WOW Sludgefist boss, you can be able to obtain a series of loots: 
1. Legendary recipes
Memory of Koltira (Frost Death Knight)
Memory of the Frenzyband (Feral Druid)
Memory of the Rylakstalker's Strikes (Survival Hunter)
Memory of a Siphoning Storm (Arcane Mage) 
Memory of the Morning's Tear (Mistweaver Monk)
Memory of the Ardent Protector (Protection Paladin) 
Memory of a Clear Mind (Discipline Priest)
Memory of Greenskin (Outlaw Rogue)
Memory of the Primal Lava Actuators (Enhancement Shaman)
Memory of Azj'Aqir's Cinders (Destruction Warlock)
Memory of the Berserker's Will (Fury Warrior)
2. Conduits
Tireless Pursuit
Diverted Energy
Harm Denial
Quick Decisions
Fel Celerity
3. Other items
Mail waist: Load-Bearing Belt
Mail feet: Stoneclas Stompers 
Cloth hands: Impossibly Oversized Mitts 
Plate chest: Rampaging Giant's Chestplate 
Leather waist: Heedless Pugilist's Harness 
Cloth legs: Leggings of Lethal Reverberations 
Plate hands: Colossal Plate Gauntlets 
Trinket: Hateful Chain

Defeat WOW Sludgefist boss with the guide above. By the way, WOWClassicGP also provides cheap WOW gold for all of you. 

The WOWClassicGP Team